Ravi Prakash is the founder and CEO of Associated Broadcasting Company the news leader in media that brings to people through its brand name TV9 high speed information. ABCL employs more than 5000 people across 3 countries in the world. Under Ravi's leadership, ABCL's mission has been to continually advance and improve the dissemination and quality of news and bringing to viewers media services in their local languages. ABCL's work covers television, filmed entertainment, cable network programming, internet services operating direct broadcast satellite television, in India, United States of America and Africa.

ABCL is committed to professional and social journalism. This is reflected in its dynamic style of news coverage and the corporate social responsibility work undertaken by the various tv9 channels in India and through Simba Television network in Africa. Ravi started the first TV9 channel in Telugu in 2004 which changed the very dynamics of media and breaking news in Andhra Pradesh by making a huge impact on the broadcasting industry. Named as the "catalyst for progressive change" Ravi’s news network has consistently focused on how media can facilitate a fair, equal modern society through its news and programming. Known for his impeccable anchoring skills his program "encounter" an interview based political show has been widely appreciated for its analytical and presentational style.

Maintaining credibility often in the face of political and corporate pressure has meant making tough decisions. Ravi has proved his mettle as a media entrepreneur by converting ABCL into one of the most strong and influential media groups. He has to his credit a bouquet of news channels each a major player in its métier:

TV9 Telugu– a TRP topper catering to Telugu community all over the world.
TV9 Karnataka– the first news channel in Kannada.
TV9 Gujarat – the only Gujarati news channel and a resounding success.
Jai Telangana– an exclusive channel for Telangana State.
News9 (English) – a happening channel in Bengaluru.
TV9 Marathi – channel stake in the financial capital.

Ravi Prakash strikes a fine balance between media and management. His professional leadership has taken ABCL on heights of success in different parts of the country and abroad. Ravi has a streak of obstinate determination to succeed and an indomitable courage to dream. This is what makes him a winner.