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TV9 aspires to become one of the biggest Media House in SE-Asia,
says Ravi Prakash, Founder and CEO

Posted by Ad gully Bureau | June 14th, 2010

Ravi Prakash the name behind the success of TV9 is a firebrand personality. A dyed in the wool Journalist who is the CEO of Associated Broadcasting Company Pvt Ltd (ABCL) is a firm believer of ‘Regional Today-National tomorrow.’ With this Motto in mind ABCL started TV9 (AP) in 2004 and since then has not looked back. ABCL then forayed into various regional markets with by launching one after the other successful channels. A dynamic professional, who believes in striking the right balance between two challenging functions, one that of chief Anchor of TV9 and another as the CEO of ABCL. Adgully caught up with Ravi Prakash, CEO, TV9, who shares his dreams about TV9 exclusively with Adgully.

Adgully (AG): Why did you choose to launch a regional centric, and not a National centric channel?

Ravi Prakash (RP): We always had this in mind – regional today – national tomorrow. And now when we have established our presence nationally – we are changing the punch line – national today – international tomorrow. TV9 started from the regional market as a 24-hour news channel in Andhra Pradesh in 2004, and is reaching the national platform. The strength coming from our extensive regional penetration will help us in having the edge over the present players in the market. India is a vast country with different languages and cultures. Media pundits sitting in Delhi have failed to understand the needs and aspirations of this diversified and unique population. Today, TV9 speaks seven languages and reflects their culture and work for the people in that particular region. Therefore, we can say that our audience is from wherever we speak their language and reflect their aspirations.

AG: While launching TV9 what was the growth path charted for it?

RP: Our idea was to make regional news broadcasting business a success. The overwhelming success of TV9 Telugu made us look further beyond the borders of Andhra Pradesh.

AG: Please share with us your journey with TV9?

RP: It started off with an idea to bring professional journalism on regional platform. When we ventured into this – regional news was unheard off. From the day we launched till now – everyday has been excitement. We experienced the joy of setting our own goal and see it achieved.

AG: What is the expansion plans for TV9 Mumbai?

RP: We have re-launched TV9 in Mumbai. And within three days of the launch the channel was on number one position as per the TAM ratings. We bet every national and regional channel in the state.

AG: Reasons for revamping TV9 Mumbai?

RP: We wanted this channel to be number 1 on lines of all our channels in India.

AG: What is the content strategy for TV9?

RP: People centric content and aimed towards better society.

AG: What are the current happenings?

RP: Re-launched our channel in Mumbai. We are eyeing Chennai, Delhi and other markets apart from some international ventures.

AG: Where do you see TV9 to reach in near future?

RP: To make it one of the biggest media house in South East Asia.

AG: Is it true that tv9 will be launching a 24 hours entertainment channel with its base in Mumbai?

RP: We are contemplating it and it is under serious consideration. In the near future, TV9 New Delhi (Hindi) is coming up–for which the studio and the set up is already in place that TV9 believes will make them a national player and will make ABCL a truly pan-Indian broadcaster located in every major metropolis in the country, and articulating the concerns of India’s millions in the language most accessible to them.

We wish TV9 the best in their journey to fulfill their dream of “local to global”!!!