Anyone who has watched TV9's most popular show 9 PM with Ravi Prakash would be familiar with Ravi Prakash's distinctive broadcast style. As TV9's chief anchor and ABC's CEO, he strikes a dynamic balance between two challenging functions. With his understated studio technique and extensive field experience, he has brought professional standards to Telugu TV journalism in general and news casting in particular. Under his guidance, TV9's anchors have set themselves apart in regional journalism as news presenters rather than news readers.
As host of 9 PM and the equally popular Encounter for which he first shot to fame, Prakash has earned a reputation as a tough inquisitor of hard-boiled politicians, although he himself does not enjoy intimidating them. He likes watching the BBC's Hard Talk, but his style is not to wage no-holds-barred combat with the show guest; rather he teases out the insightful response with a cut here and a nick there. Often, the results are no less dramatic.
"My aim is not to show politicians as crooks, but to entice them to show us a glimpse of their real persona,"says Prakash. "The in-your-face TV host distracts attention from the guest and ends up becoming the story himself."


           Narendra Modi- Prime Minister, India

  Encounter with RP: Kiran Kumar Reddy
           Kiran Kumar Reddy- CM AP
                      (2010- 2014)
              Nara Chandrababu Naidu
                    (1995- 2004)
           Late Y.S.Rajasekhar Reddy
                     (2004- 2009)