When Chennai reeled under flood waters, TV9 was the first Media House to lend a helping hand. TV9's campaign “Help Chennai” in association with CVR Foundation and Krishnapatnam port helped the affected people with food supplies and basic amenities. Telugu people came forward in large numbers and supported Help Chennai campaign by voluntarily donating blankets, candles, bread, biscuits, other food supplies, pure drinking water and medicines. The contingent with all these donations were flown to Chennai by helicopters from krishnapatnam port. TV9's efforts were appreciated by the Tamil media. Chennai flood affected thanked TV9 for the timely help, not just reporting news fast but also acting fast in offering its services to the society.

Nobody can forget the fury nature unleashed on AP in October 2009, when unprecedented floods in AP caused heavy damage. Kurnool district was the worst affected and the towns were completely submerged under water. The channel took up humanitarian work by distributing food and also aided in rescue operations. People of AP willingly came forward to donate cash, clothing, food supplies etc, to TV9. A whopping amount of Rs. 12 crores was collected through different efforts by TV9, 3 crores from Andhra Pradesh through donations, an additional of 2crores from TV9 Karnataka through donations and through Star Nite another 7 crores. TV9 decided to construct pucca houses for the homeless and entered into an MOU (Memorandum Of Understanding) with the Andhra Pradesh State Housing Corporation Ltd (APSHCL) on 24th February 2010 to build 750 Houses for the recent Flood victims at Panchalingala Village of Kurnool District. Work is underway at the site and construction is expected to complete soon.

In the year 2004, TV9 started a mass awareness programme about congenital heart disease ‘Saving Little Hearts Campaign’ was able to raise funds for 3000 operations across the state. Sania Mirza was the campaign idol and TV9 tied up with Hospitals, which had the infrastructure to conduct the operations. Unless surgically corrected children suffering from congenital heart diseases live a handicapped life and die at an early age.

In Nalgonda, Mahabubnagar districts of Andhra Pradesh, excess fluoride turned ground water into slow poison, crippling at least 10,000 people and leaving hundreds of thousands of others in eternal misery. The groundwater has 10 to 12 parts per million (ppm) of fluoride in contrast to a maximum permitted level of just 1.5 ppm. People with paralysing bone diseases, stooped backs, crooked hands and legs, deformed teeth, blindness and other handicaps are a common sight. TV9 ran a series of programs as part of our campaign to fight against flourosis in 2004. The channel’s stories highlighted the plight of victims and we succeeded in stirring up a public agitation. TV9’s campaign increased pressure on the government and the authorities had to take necessary steps to provide safe drinking water.

Factionism has been a part of Rayalaseema in Andhra Pradesh since decades. Many politicians, landlords, their kith and kin practice it, or have been victims of it... They either attack others or get attacked for petty reasons. Some of them have lost their dear ones; some sold away their lands while others lived in constant fear of being attacked by rivals. When State Assembly elections were held in Andhra Pradesh in 2009 we requested people not to vote for a factionist. The channel’s campaign against factionist leaders was a success as they were ousted in the elections, and we were successful in creating awareness among the people about factionism.

The government of Andhra Pradesh in 2007 decided to build major, medium and minor irrigation schemes to provide water to agricultural lands throughout the state. The Government has; therefore, given highest priority for the completion of irrigation projects and sought land for the plan. Farmers raised protests when their lands were forcibly taken from them in exchange for a meager compensation. TV9 on behalf of the farmers fought for their rights. A seminar ‘Bhoomi Kosam’ was organized and in an all-party meeting, leaders discussed ways to put pressure on government to compensate farmers amicably for the lands they lost.

Nigha, our flagship program, the first of its kind in AP, brought to light issues that impacted society, specifically corruption. Corrupt officials and anti-social practices were blatantly exposed through sting operations. The channel’s demand for accountability and transparency in the government was heard and the channel succeeded in instilling fear in the officials’ minds. Nigha was TV9’s exclusive investigative segment.

Thousands of primary schools across Andhra Pradesh lack basic facilities. TV9 found that most schools do not have a proper building, no black boards, no benches, no books, etc. TV9 took up the cause and ran scrolls and promos on the conditions. We conducted a seminar on the Right to Literacy in 2006 where politicians and educationists from all over India voiced their opinions on improving the conditions in schools.

Emergency Management Research Institute (EMRI) runs the highly successful 108-ambulance service in nine states. From its inception till date, 108-ambulance services have been able to save 68,000 lives in AP and 2, 08,000 lives throughout the nation. The service is saving an average of over 200 lives every day. In its early days TV9 promoted EMRI in a huge way and popularized the life-saving emergency response service that operates on impressive scale, speed, quality and performance.

Naveena is a weekly chat show, in which subjects that are taboo in society and are labeled as controversial are debated. The Naveena contest, which is held every year, is a commitment of the channel towards the empowerment of women and their issues. The contest is an initiative to motivate and encourage and felicitate rural women of Andhra Pradesh to share their experiences and stories with public. On the occasion of Women's day the stories of these women are showcased in the channel.

The first differently abled anchor in the history of private media channels in India. Sujata Burla was just 21 when she met with an accident that turned her into a paraplegic. Sujata moves around in a wheelchair and does not regret this fact. Financial independence is what she strove for and that is exactly what she got through sheer determination and discipline. TV9 recognized her talent for anchoring and groomed her. Today she hosts "Close Encounter with Suzy" a famous celebrity show. Her identity was revealed on her birthday on July 3rd, 2010...

Chetana is a bi-weekly program, which talks about civic problems in the slums of Hyderabad. The show focuses on creating awareness regarding the rights of people living in degrading conditions in the slums.

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